About Us

At Genesis Packaging, “we do the job right from the beginning” with dependable products and services, from packaging design to shipping logistics, ensuring that clients’ valuable equipment arrives safely and on time anywhere in the world.

We offer a full-range of custom packaging and crating services, meeting needs for equipment transfer, product export and factory relocation. Our expert crew has over twenty-five years of experience protecting sensitive equipment in high-quality, cost-efficient, user-friendly packages that meet all commercial and military standards.

We serve clients with unique and dynamic packaging needs: clients in the aerospace, semi-conductor, solar, medical, telecommunications and automotive industries, as well as the military. We provide solutions through leading designs and products, with flexible, comprehensive service on any scale:
• On-site or in-house packaging and crating
• Design and testing
• Freight-forwarding by land, air or sea anywhere in the world

On-site packing and crating is available throughout California. For clients in the Bay Area, we can keep inventory for just-in-time custom packaging and crating to meet regular needs.

We also support shipping departments on a contract basis, allowing clients to reduce overhead and liability and to rely on the experts.

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